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CITY:Mom's Spaghetti Hi-Hip Bingo (Late Show)

Dabbers City

Event starts: Friday 24 Nov 2023, 19:30

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🎤🎉 Get ready to experience the ultimate fusion of hip-hop and bingo at Dabbers City!

 Dabbers Social Bingo presents Mum's Spaghetti, hosted by the rap maestro, MC Hammersmith. With two rounds of classic bingo, followed by hip-hop musical bingo and mind-blowing freestyle rap, this show is unlike anything you've ever seen.

Witness MC Hammersmith's lightning-fast wordplay and lyrical skills as he conquers every rap obstacle in his path. From random objects to funny shoutouts, he'll incorporate whatever you hold up into his spontaneous raps!

With classic hip-hop bangers and non-stop entertainment, Mum's Spaghetti is an extraordinary night that pushes the boundaries of fun. Get your tickets now and let the hip-hop bingo begin! 🎤🎉

Win the Bingo, Win the Challenge, Win the Prize

Doors Open :7.30pm

Show Time : 8.30pm

Tickets £15

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